“Move Fast & Build Things” Startups.lu Goes Live

Board Startups.lu Photo by Silicon Luxembourg

02 August 2022

“At the heart of our commitment are initiatives helping to fund a startup, promote female empowerment and develop entrepreneurial education” 

Meet the Board Members: 
Christophe Folschette, co-founder of Talkwalker;
Eric Busch, founder nexten.io;
Gaelle Haag, co-founder inclusive investment firm Startalers;
Genna Elvin, co-founder small data firm Tada Web;
Ilana Devillers, founder Food4All, a platform combating food waste;
Marc Oswald, co-founder Open Assessment Technologies (OAT);
Jacques Lorang, founder Lux Caddy, online grocery shopping platform;
Tom Michels, co-founder Salonkee, a beauty treatment booking platform;
Xavier Buck, founder Namespace and Euro DNS.
Patrick Kersten, founder Doctena and atHomeGroup
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